Starting with MailCall 2.0.12, support the SMTPS is available, assuming the underlying BBx or ProvideX supports SSL.  PRO/5 and BBj supported SSL at revision 5.0.  SMTPS is the name for SMTP over SSL protocol.


To enable this support, modify the server= line (or the x.server$ template variable) to include a "ssl:" prefix.  This triggers an assumption that the mail server is listening on the default SMTPS port of 465.  If a different port is used, which is very rare, you can specify it with a :port suffix.  For example, to use Gmail's SMTPS service, you would specify:


Note that with PRO/5 or BBj, you need to configure the socket alias that MailCall uses to use ssl.  To do this, set or create this alias line:


alias N0 ssl


If this alias is used for non-SSL communcation by other tasks, you can define another Nx alias and tell MailCall to use it by specifying in the mailcall template x.alias$="Nx".  An alternative to the x.alias$ setting is to define STBL("$mcalias","Nx").


Note that this protocol is not the same as TLS security, which uses a STARTTLS command to initiate the security layer after a standard connection has been established. Neither BBx nor ProvideX offer this capability, so only SMTPS support is available.