One of our customers got the error message “Error 535 #5.7.0 Authentication failed”

 when sending a statement with email. Would you please let me know whether it is

 complaining about the email server, email account or the port #?

 I also included the account setup below.


 11:52:33 Started

11:52:33 Connecting to server

11:52:33 Server: 220 ESMTP

11:52:33 Initialize conversation

11:52:33 Client: EHLO yyy.localdomain

11:52:33 Server:

11:52:33 Server: 250-8BITMIME

11:52:33 Server: 250-SIZE 70254592

11:52:33 Server: 250-STARTTLS

11:52:33 Server: 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN

11:52:33 Server: 250 AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN

11:52:33 Authenticate

11:52:33 Client: AUTH LOGIN

11:52:33 Server: 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6

11:52:33 Encoded send of

11:52:33 Client: a2VpdGhAYmlnbW9lZ2EuY29t

11:52:33 Server: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6

11:52:33 Encoded send of zzz1221

11:52:33 Client: S2V5bWFuMTIyMQ==

11:52:34 Server: 535 #5.7.0 Authentication failed

11:52:34 Error 535 #5.7.0 Authentication failed


Setup in the /usr/unform/prog/mailcall.ini:



# Override port if necessary, default smtp port used is 25





The log indicates the server expects STARTTLS support from the mail client.

UnForm does not support this protocol.

You need to find out if the mail server supports SMTPS (which is SMTP over SSL) which normally listens on port 465.

That or try port 587, as that is an alternate SMTP port.