Some additional manual steps are required to install CirrusPrint on Redhat 8.x servers.

First, manually install libnsl, which is required for CirrusPrint to run but not included by default on RH8.

sudo yum install libnsl

Next, CirrusPrint requires OpenSSL 1.0 to function, but only 1.1 is installed by default.  To install this:

sudo yum install compat-openssl10.x86_64

Both above steps can be run before or after CirrusPrint is installed, but if after, re-run the script.  From the install directory, such as /opt/cp20:

sudo ./

If you performed recent system updates, answer no to that question.  The remaining questions you can answer yes or no depending on your needs.  You should see an indication that libssl and libcrypto links were created.