Under pxplus on new operating systems, the General GUI server may see connections from hybrid IPv6 addresses, which are blocked as they don't appear to be valid.  These appear in the General log similar to this:

Connect from ::ffff: failed, errcode=997

General's access control logic only understands IPv4 addresses, which appear as four dot-separated numbers.  The IPv6 style address is not understood and won't match the patterns specified in the allow= list of gen60d.ini.


1. If you run General on a local network and are not concerned about blocking traffic, you can set allow=any in the gen60d.ini file.

2. You can turn off IPv6 addressing in pxplus by modifying the pxplus.ini file, adding a line under the [Config] section:


Note that if you are running General with a differently named executable, say pvx.exe, the file to edit matches the executable name, like pvx.ini.