FONTS available


Where would I look to see what FONTS are available in UnForm. I see cgtimes & univers but I figure there must be more to the list than that. I’m hoping there is a list of fonts and the names that you use in UnForm to call them. I’m looking for a proportional font.


There are many fonts available for most PCL printers (see the ufparam.ini file), but you need to be aware that PostScript and PDF have only three fonts built in: Courier, Helvetica, and Times Roman. That is why we stick with the univers and cgtimes fonts - we can map those to internal pdf and postscript fonts successfully. UnForm also supports embedded TrueType fonts, and we bundle a public domain set of fonts called vera, veraserif, and veramono. You can also supply your own. The downside of these fonts are that they get embedded, so increase the size of the document. And also not all pcl5 printers, or even some postscript 2 printers, support truetype fonts. All in all, you should think hard before going to other fonts. The only one we see common use for is veramono, which can substitute for Courier and many users find it easier to read (as long as your printers support truetype).

If you wish to investigate TrueType fonts, information is available in the manual in various sections.  Search the manual for "truetype".