The UnForm 9.0 runtime engine does not allow repeated temporary licenses to be employed on a given machine, and it can be disabled if you try to get more than a few demo licenses or emergency temp licenses without obtaining a permanent activation for your system.  This can also affect a system that is restored from an older backup.  When trying to license the server, you might see error messages indicating it can't connect to the internet or there might be permission errors.  These suggestions might be valid, or might indicate a disabled runtime.

Before taking additional measures, first verify the following:

  • If you get errors during automatic licensing, first ensure that the system has an internet connection and can reach, either by opening a web browser or using a command line tool, such as curl or wget, to verify access.  Be sure to do this from the machine that is running UnForm, since it is that machine that will try to connect to the license server.
  • Also verify that you have a compatible version of UnForm with your operating system.  If it is not compatible, licensing will fail.  For example, if you install a 32-bit Linux version of UnForm on a 64-bit system that does not have 32-bit glibc libraries, UnForm can't run and licensing will fail.

If these items seem fine, you may need to refresh your installation in one of a couple of ways:

  • On Linux, choose the "i" option in, to initialize the activation key file.  On Windows, requesting a demo license accomplishes this.
  • Remove the "rt" directory and re-install the UnForm server in the same location.  This will refresh the runtime directory, allowing you to proceed with permanent activation
  • Uninstall and remove the entire UnForm installation, and reinstall it.  Be sure to save your rule files, image files, and other custom files you might have before removing the UnForm directory.