I have a client that is just starting to scan in documents.

They are using a Linux server.

It was working OK this morning. Now, when trying to run the Unform Image Manager, it is saying no more licenses.

They have 3 licenses & no one is in the program.

What causes this, and how can I free up the licenses and how can I keep this from happening in the future?


You can use a ps listing on Unix to find certain command line formats that are for IM connections. Look for 'ufproc' tasks, and look for the values after the -arg command line option. The 4th option after -arg will be a "3" for IM connections.

This can happen if the user shuts down their PC without exiting IM. Or also if the PC hibernates. Or if a router or switch decides to just drop the connection silently. This leaves a server process unaware of the missing client.

You might want to play with the timeout= setting in uf80d.ini. This sets the number of seconds the ufproc task would wait for any activity from the connected client before timing out. By default, the value is 86400, or 24 hours. You could try lowering that to something like 3600 (1 hour). You don't want it too low, or users might find their connections closed during normal periods.